SW Portand Kitchen

Our client’s home in SW Portland became multi-generational when Mom was invited to move in. The space was very well equipped, all the amenities, even a mudroom, but no kitchen. We were charged with transforming that mudroom into a light and airy kitchen, a daunting task.

Abandoning the exterior door for more counter space, allowed us to create a window for the only natural light. The interior hall opening was ripped out to the right wall for better visibility to the living room and a feeling of openness.

To stay within the budget, we chose IKEA cabinets, quartz countertops, most appliances and to use every inch of space we customized a small pantry between the wall and the refrigerator.

Neutral green walls, white cabinets, cork flooring, and very light quartz countertops and good lighting help make the kitchen feel spaciousness.

The client is extremely happy with our work, mom has moved in and life is good.