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WOW! It is cold out!

I hope everyone is enjoying the cold weather and a slower paced life. I must admit it is kind of nice, other then the 24 hour Artic Blast News. We will be back to our blogging after the Holiday, and once things thaw out. Hope you are staying warm! Best, Daniel

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The Sustainable Tree

Often when it comes to sustainable design we get all wrapped up in the building and forget about what’s right outside the window. Trees can be a huge way to conserve energy when it comes to home design. A properly located tree can provide shade in the summer and still allow light in in the […]

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Being Green is Tough

The New York Times had an article talking about all the hype when it comes to green products and projects. All the hype is causing an information overload for people looking to do sustainable remodels on their home. I figure the best thing they can do is call a designer. The next best thing is […]

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