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How Hiring Small Businesses Helps the Economy and the Community

An Opinion Article by Daniel Milligan Our government is struggling with the economy. It is trying to get people back to work and start the money flowing. The problem is that government can’t do it alone–the economy needs your help too. Wondering what you can do? Spend money on small businesses. You hear it all […]

Up-to-date or Over-the-top

I was watching Color Splash the other night. The host was taking a lovely pre WWII home and painting the moldings and built-ins lime green. The worst part of this was what I was thinking: “Wow! That looks really good.” Okay, to my own defence, it was not just the lime green, but the whole […]

Remodeling that can help you sell your house – even in today’s market

I was reading my email this morning, after putting down the newspaper and its only distressing news, and came across a list from BHG on “Projects That Pay”. As we all know, when the same information keeps repeating, year after year, there must be some value in it. A small addition, to make a space […]