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Tips and Trends to help you plan the perfect room

Find your jumping-off point Having a jump-off point or inspiration to get started is a must, a photo depicting your dream room, the perfect piece of art or area rug to define the style or period, you desire to create.  Collect fabrics and wallcovering samples that set the tone, then we can start building the […]

The Cost of Remodeling

Everyone wonders what their project will cost. Will I be able to afford what I want to do? If I have a budget, what can I get for it? Will it cost more? Remodeling Magazine provides a great Cost vs. Value report every year that can give you a very good idea of what remodeling […]

How Hiring Small Businesses Helps the Economy and the Community

An Opinion Article by Daniel Milligan Our government is struggling with the economy. It is trying to get people back to work and start the money flowing. The problem is that government can’t do it alone–the economy needs your help too. Wondering what you can do? Spend money on small businesses. You hear it all […]

Buying, selling or thinking about remodeling your home?

I just found out about EcoBrokers (certified RE brokers) – they can help you buy or sell your house with a “Green” emphasis. A link from a local EcoBroker took me to a article on website I haven’t seen for a while – the Sierra Club. The article reviews many steps you can take to […]

…and now, a little more on color.

On a street in Mazatlan It seems that January is the month to talk about color. Maybe it’s that we feel the need for brightness and color in the month that can be the darkest and dreariest. Pittsburgh Paints has come out with their “Hacienda Colors”. The colors are warm and evoke the sunshine of […]

Up-to-date or Over-the-top

I was watching Color Splash the other night. The host was taking a lovely pre WWII home and painting the moldings and built-ins lime green. The worst part of this was what I was thinking: “Wow! That looks really good.” Okay, to my own defence, it was not just the lime green, but the whole […]

A Greener World Means Using Greener Wood

I came across an article on Market Watch about the sustainablity benifits of using wood in construction. In today’s modern age, there are a number of other building materials available, but none of them leave as little a carbon footprint or can be “renewed” like lumber. If forests are harvested resbonsibly than there is little […]

NOW is a good time to remodel?

I was trying to think of what to write today–with all that is happening in the economy, even my brain feels slowed down. Then I remembered hearing someone say “Could there be a better time to remodel?” This struck me as a strange thing to say (even though I want it to be true), so […]

What’s your preference: Low or No VOC paint?

Back to the VOC issue: There are questions about whether a paint retains its “Low VOC” label once colorant has been added. Paints that advertise themselves as a “low VOC” or “no VOC” might only be that in the base color. Some pigments may add VOCs, negating the benefits, BUT, I think it’s better to […]