Buying, selling or thinking about remodeling your home?

January 28, 2009

I just found out about EcoBrokers (certified RE brokers) – they can help you buy or sell your house with a “Green” emphasis. A link from a local EcoBroker took me to a article on website I haven’t seen for a while – the Sierra Club. The article reviews many steps you can take to remodel your house to make it more energy efficient and therefore – “Greener” whether you are thinking about selling or staying put. We have a link on our website to resources where you can find green and beautiful fixtures, finishes and other products to help you remodel “Greener”.

It seems that I keep reading about more and more industries that have people that are not only eco-conscious, but can be certified! In the building industry the USGBC sets LEED standards; that was truly a grass-roots effort. Now it really has cache for buildings (commercial and residential) to be LEED certified and a person to be accredited. Take a look at the Green Home Guide that the USGBC put out for some tips for your home. Enjoy.Green Home Guide


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