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Tips and Trends to help you plan the perfect room

Find your jumping-off point Having a jump-off point or inspiration to get started is a must, a photo depicting your dream room, the perfect piece of art or area rug to define the style or period, you desire to create.  Collect fabrics and wallcovering samples that set the tone, then we can start building the […]

10 Things To Make your Home/Remodel Greener

Posted on November 13, 2012 Design to maximize natural daylight and passive ventilation. Daylight makes a dramatic difference, especially in our climate. In addition to making you feel better, daylight can cut down on electric bills. Well-placed operable windows circulate fresh air throughout your home. Choose deconstruction and construction site recycling. The demolition debris from […]

Too young for Universal Design? Not really.

Click on the link to see an article about incorporating Universal Design – I like to call it Adaptive Use. We tend to think of ourselves as forever young, but the years catch up with us surprisingly fast and, before you know it, the stairs take longer, the microwave seems to be higher, and […]

The Cost of Remodeling

Everyone wonders what their project will cost. Will I be able to afford what I want to do? If I have a budget, what can I get for it? Will it cost more? Remodeling Magazine provides a great Cost vs. Value report every year that can give you a very good idea of what remodeling […]