…and now, a little more on color.

On a Mazatlan StreetOn a street in Mazatlan

It seems that January is the month to talk about color. Maybe it’s that we feel the need for brightness and color in the month that can be the darkest and dreariest. Pittsburgh Paints has come out with their “Hacienda Colors”. The colors are warm and evoke the sunshine of Mexico. I managed to miss Portland’s massive snow storm in December —- we left JUST before the BIG storm and were sitting in the sun in Mazatlan and Oaxaca. I can attest to the warmth of the colors and how inviting they feel. But, you can bring that warmth to your space by choosing a color palette like the Hacienda colors. You can also choose your color scheme in no-VOC paints, like Benjamin Moore’s EcoSpec. Enjoy!

Whimsical animals full of colorWhimsical animals full of color


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